Alfred’s Ocean Palace

Dine alfresco at Alfred’s Ocean Palace, on Negril Beach.

We have enjoyed dining at Alfred’s on Negril Beach a number of times, every time we come to Negril

Every meal we have had there, whatever time of the day, has been delicious.

Our particular favourites have been the fish specials, and the blackened chicken.

Alfred's Ocean Palace

It is difficult to tell from the photo above, but inside Alfred’s Ocean Palace there is plenty of seating.

If we had stepped back a few yards when taking the photo, we would have stepped into the Caribbean ocean, lapping on Negril Beach in front of Alfred’s.

Like with many folks that come from more modern lands, the expectations are for fast, efficient service! The service at Alfred’s was better than many Jamaican restaurants, but is not nearly as fast as many restaurants in the USA or Canada.

On the other hand, what’s your hurry? It is pretty difficult not to enjoy a meal and the whole dining experience when the Caribbean Ocean is bouncing off the sand about 10 yards (metres) from you. To take the photo above, my feet were almost in the warm surf!

Couple that with the wonderful experience of their delicious food… it’s hard to beat Alfred’s, on Jamaica’s Negril Beach.

One other thing, as far as we are concerned, they make the best “Dirty Banana” cocktail on the beach.

Oh, and one other thing… like many of the restaurants on Negril Beach, Alfred’s lacks comfort facilities one is accustomed to in other, more progressive, parts of the world. They have them, for both men and women, but they should be avoided if possible. They were small, ill lit, and typically not very clean. Just like almost all the others on the beach!

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