Bamboo Alley Jamaica

If you are planning on taking a drive down to visit Floyd’s Pelican Bar not too far from there is the renowned Bamboo Alley Jamaica. It’s worthwhile visiting both locations on the same trip.

Nature lovers will sure enjoy experiencing the tall, beautiful green bamboo plants that border both sides of the highway for about 2 1/2 miles (about 4 kilometers). Along most of Bamboo Alley the plants form a canopy over the road. The area is considered a Jamaican treasure.

Bamboo Avenue is located about 30 km (20 miles) or so north of Black River. Black River is a village located on the south-west shore of Jamaica. The main highway circumnavigating and bisecting Jamaica, highway A2, passes right through Black River.

Had there been a few more locations along that part of the highway where it was safe to get out of the car, and less liquid Jamaica sunshine when we were traversing the avenue, we would have exited the car to get more video that wasn’t quite so hair raising and water spotted as the one below.

There are fruit stands along the way and you can also purchase some local Jamaican crafts at some of those stands.

A word of caution. We rented a taxi and driver for a few day trips while visiting Jamaica. Renting the taxi was fine. It was the shortage of comfortable rest stops… OK, bathrooms, that sometimes made the trip a little painful, particularly with the jouncing the roads in Jamaica almost always give you.

So ask before you go as to where you can go, and it probably doesn’t hurt to have a few tissues and a small bottle of sanitizer with you as well. Both seem in short supply in Jamaica.

Please enjoy the short video below, and do visit Bamboo Avenue when in Jamaica, if you get the chance. It is worth the trip.


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