Cafe Goa Restaurant

The Cafe Goa restaurant in Negril Beach Jaimaca has been resurrected.

When we first visited Negril, this restaurant was known as Selina’s, and we broke bread there a number of times under that name.

Currently, it is now known as Cafe Goa, and in the future… who knows what it will be called?

We have made Cafe Goa one of our regular meal stops.

Here is a photo of one of our favourite Negril restaurants when it was known as Selinas.

Selinas restaurant

This Negril Beach Jamaica restaurant is located on the east side of Norman Manley Boulevard, about half way from north to south beach. That is a reasonable stroll from Whistling Bird in the north to Mom’s in the south, though while heading for Goa’s, you will pass a number of other local eateries as well.

Here is a photo of the same restaurant, now known as Cafe Goa.

Cafe Goa

Like many of the local restaurants, Goa has no walls and seating is open to the air. This is a plus for some guests as Goa, like almost every eating and drinking establishment in Negril, does not have a no-smoking area. We usually pick a spot off in one corner, trying to gauge the wind direction, so we can eat our delicious Goa food without having to inhale second hand smoke, both tobacco and ganja. Usually, at Goa’s, this is possible. It depends on how many smokers surround you. 🙂

With a “u” shaped counter in the middle, and tables and chairs scattered about, there is seating for singles, larger groups, and of course, couples.

If you are a coffee lover, they advertise that they serve Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. I cannot claim to know the source of their java for sure, but man, Goa’s coffee is delicious.

Goa’s offers the hungry visitor breakfast, lunch and supper, with a variety of dishes including Jamaican standards. I suspect that they open after 8 a.m., no hours are posted that I could see, and will stay open late.

Since we are on vacation too, we don’t rise too early, and  breakfast time after 8 a.m. is fine by us.

If you like local greens, try their callaloo and cheese breakfast omelet. Absolutely wonderful.

Have you had a meal at the Cafe Goa Restaurant on Negril Beach? Why not tell us about it using the comment box below?


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