Floyd’s Pelican Bar

If, when you are visiting Jamaica, you can get anywhere near the West and South end of this beautiful land, make Floyd’s Pelican Bar one of your must sees!

No, Floyd’s Pelican Bar is not on Negril Beach. In fact, it’s a bit of a drive from Negril, but worth it, for sure. We rented a taxi for the day, and took in this unique, on-the-water attraction, as well as a few other sites on this beautiful day.

The story goes that Floyd Forbes dreamed the concept to life and then went to work building Floyd’s Pelican bar about 1/4 mile from the shore, standing on wooden stilts and washed by the warm, shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea back in 2001.

Waiting for the boat

Waiting for the boat at the Pelican Bar Jamaica

In 2004, after becoming a hit with local folks and a tourist attraction in it’s own right, Floyd’s Pelican Bar was destroyed by a hurricane. Though the original owner couldn’t afford to rebuild it, the tourist-oriented businesses missed the draw, and collaborated to rebuild it.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar is a boat ride from shore

Depending on where you are staying in Jamaica, your hotel may be able to make reservations for you. Or, like us, our cabby was familiar with things, called ahead and booked us in, and also arranged for the boat to come pick us, and the drinks, up on the beach. A quick phone call and we saw the boat leave the bar and head for us. As we approached Floyd’s Pelican Bar, this is what we saw!

Arriving at Floyd's Pelican Bar in Jamaica

As the boat arrives at Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica, this is what you see!

And once inside, check out the view  of the cold-room.

Floyd's Pelican Bar Jamaica

The kitchen area of Floyd’s Pelican Bar Jamaica

Note the coolers? There is no power in Floyd’s Pelican Bar. It is in the middle of the bay. No power and… wait for it… no bathrooms, either.

In fact, you want to make sure that you visit a loo as you arrive near the beach to, ummmm, prepare yourself for spending a few hours out on the water with no WC. No, wait, there really is a big WC. It’s the water. Maybe that’s why so many folks that visit Floyd’s Pelican Bar and enjoy some ice cold (once they have been on ice for a while) beverages go swimming so often.

What to bring to Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Well, as we mentioned, there are no bathrooms. That means no privacy to change. So if you plan on swimming, and why not – the water is gorgeous – wear your swim suit under some over clothes.

A sun hat? Absolutely. Check out Floyd’s sunroom, pictured below.

The sunroom at Floyd's Pelican Bar in Jamaica is sturdier than it looks.

The sunroom at Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica is sturdier than it looks.

What else do you need? Some patience? Yes indeed. If you think things move slow in Jamaica, wait until you order a meal at Floyd’s Pelican Bar. They typically offer two dishes. One of chopped and fried lobster and the other a local fish. Both were excellent. The thing is, they wait for all arrivals, and then start cooking so they can feed everyone at the same time.

The kitchen at Floyd's Pelican Bar Jamaica

The kitchen at Floyd’s Pelican Bar Jamaica. They manage to turn out a very good meal in somewhat rustic conditions.

But then, why do you come to Jamaica? To sit, to enjoy a beverage or two, to sun bathe and to swim. And while you wait for what may be a very delicious meal at Floyd’s, why not do just that?

Catch some rays and relax.

Catching some rays at Floyd's Pelican Bar in Jamaica

Catching some rays at Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica

Here is more about the inside, and more photos, of Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica.


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