Getting Around Negril Beach

Getting around Negril Beach Jamaica is typically pretty easy. After all, once you get to your hotel or B&B on the beach, you are normally there for the duration of your stay.

Yet, after a few days on the beach, we all get a bit of wander lust, and feel the need to explore.

Unless you know someone that lives in Negril Village that can pick you up and drop you off, as a tourist, you have a few choices. They are walk, take the public transit, take a tour, or take a cab.

Walking on Negril Beach

Walking on Negril Beach Jamaica
You can, and we did, walk Negril Beach it its entirety, from the cement piers in Negril at the south end, up to Point Village at the north end of the beach.

Wandering in and out of the Caribbean as you meander the sandy lengths is wonderful. So, too, are the many watering holes available for the beach stroller. Walking the beach can take hours, but then, again, look where you are walking? On a gorgeous beach, in the Carribean, with the warm sea waters laving your feet. Walking in bare feet on the sand and in the water is great for getting rid of foot callouses too.

Walking on the roads near the beach and in the Village is another story. More on that on another page.

Public Transit

There seems to be a sort of public transport bus running up and down Manley Boulevard, along the beach, taking locals into and out of Negril Village. We were not able to any details on that, and an internet search turned up very little, except to say that taking a cab is the best way to get around.

That depends on where you are staying on the beach.


Almost every hotel or lodging will have information about the various tours that are available in and around Negril. Some of these we have taken, and are being written about on this site. I cannot recommend any specific tour or tour provider, as everyone’s tastes are different. Besides, why take a tour to another beach location when, on Negril Beach, you are already at the most beautiful beach?


Parked in front of almost every hotel on Negril Beach will be the local cabs. Many are licensed, they seem to have an agreement about which cab waits at which hotel, and rates are often negotiable, depending on where you wish to go.

On Norman Manley Blvd almost every vehicle is a cab

You need not worry about finding a cab. They will find you! As you walk along Norman Manley, you will be beeped at by every cab that is passing and looking for a fare. Often the cabs will pull over in front of you and ask if you want a ride. After a while you learn to ignore them unless you want to hail one, and too, after a while, the cabbies can sort of sense who is or who is not new to Negril Beach, and you get approached less frequently the longer you are there.

Expect to pay from $5 to $10 US for a cab ride from a Negril Beach hotel down to Negril Village, to restaurants or to the food / beverage store.

We like to try and get off the beaten path, and hire a cab for a day or so to take us to areas where we would like to go, and to where regular tours may not.

While we never had a bad experience with a Negril cab (aside for some hair raising rides) it was nice to see that when you were taking a cab from some of the hotels, the hotel security would note your name and the cab’s I.D. I never heard of any problems with cabs, yet it would be prudent if you were taking a cab for more than just a ride to the village, that you let someone at your hotel know who you are going with and where you are going.

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