Krystyls Restaurant

We were walking on Negril Beach, warm sand and equally warm Caribbean sea comfortable on our feet, past the Krystyls Restaurant – part of The Palms Resort – on the Saturday of Superbowl weekend 2011.

My husband and I were approached by an employee of that resort who offered us a flyer relating to their Krystyl’s Restaurant.

This flyer was advertising the next day’s Superbowl Sunday specials at the resort ; Happy hour would be from 5-6:00 to the music of a live jazz band, and would feature 2 Red Stripe for $5.00 and 2 for 1 Mojitos ( Not sure what a Mojito is? Here you go! ),   2 for 1 shaken drinks, and a free glass of wine with a particular entree.

Krystyls restaurant

The employee also told us that we could call the number on the flyer for a free ride to the resort from our hotel and we’d get a free ride home when we were ready to leave.

Kristyl’s Restaurant is outside on a terrace facing the ocean and had been rigged with a big screen television for the next day’s event. It looked like a wonderful place to watch The Big Game and we would enjoy some mojitos. Mojitos are the restaurant’s special drink – there’s a huge sign at the beach entrance to the resort promoting these Mojitos, their house specialty.

We took the flyer, chatted about it a bit, and then planned on spending the evening of Superbowl Sunday at Kristyl’s Restaurant at The Palms Resort, enjoying their house specials, the big screen for the big game, with the warm trade-winds and soft-surf as background to an expected pleasant evening.

Sunday afternoon arrived. We decided to make the most of the gorgeous Jamaican weather and walked up the beach to the resort instead of calling for the ride that was promised.

Upon arrival, the staff greeted us warmly and we chose a place to sit where we could see the television and the ocean. Our view of the jazz band set up
was partially blocked by speakers, but we figured we’d be able to hear them alright even if we couldn’t see the whole ensemble.

We ordered drinks – Mojitos, of course, to take advantage of the 2 for 1 special and to taste this specialty drink that comes in several different flavours, only to be told that they were out of Mojitos. Hmmm. We asked what other drinks were available in the 2 for 1 special and our waitress told us that she would bring us something wonderful. Within a few minutes, she had – a delicious mudslide and another shaken concoction of cranberry juice, Triple Sec and other tropical ingredients that was delightful. We ordered our second drinks and enjoyed them while being thoroughly entertained by the talented jazz band. We were already making plans for returning to Kristyl’s next Sunday when the jazz band would be performing again.

The band took its final bows, the Superbowl started, we ordered dinner, and that’s when it all kind of fell apart. Not only did the Steelers lose, but dinner didn’t score many points either.

The jerk chicken and shrimp skewer appetizers were overcooked. The spicy Asian medley was not the least bit spicy and was mediocre as far as quality goes. The large filet mignon we ordered was not available, nor was the smaller size. The sirloin steak they did have was really tough and well done, though we ordered it medium rare. The rice and peas were dry. The dressing on the salad was not Italian as we had ordered. The coffee tasted as though it had been on the burner since morning. And the portions were tiny though the cost was astronomical. When we commented on the problems with the food, we got an “I’m sorry” from the waitress, and that was it.

Then the bill arrived and we had been charged full price for all our drinks instead of the 2 for 1 special price advertised, then confirmed upon our order. That took a while to straighten out. We asked for our ride home and were told they would hail us a cab. By this time, the mellow ambiance we enjoyed upon our arrival at Kristyl’s was gone; we felt that we had to fight to get what we had been promised in the flyer and by the resort employee the day before.

Dining at Krystyls restaurant on Negril Beach Jamaica

The manager was called and told us that the resort does offer one-way transportation on Sundays, as stated in their Jazz evening flyers.

We gave the manager the name of the staff employee who had told us that we would have free transportation back to our hotel. After much discussion, the manager finally agreed to provide us with the free transportation we had expected.

Now, this is Jamaica, and we know better than to expect things to work the way they do back home, but Kristyl’s is a pretty fancy restaurant with pretty fancy prices to go along with it as compared to other places on the beach, and we felt that we had been had. We didn’t like that we were told one thing and then presented with another. We didn’t like that we had to argue to get what we were promised. We didn’t like the food.

A week later, we decided to let bygones be bygones and give Kristyl’s another chance, so up the beach we walked again for Jazz night, but the staff seemed really busy, and the band was late and hadn’t yet started playing, so after waiting for a long time – even by Jamaican standards – to be served, we left.

There are so many other wonderful places to eat on or near Negril Beach to enjoy, we won’t waste time on Kristyl’s again.

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