Kuyaba Resort on Negril Beach

Over the years we’ve stayed at a few places on or near Negril Beach, Jamaica. One of the nicest stays so far was at Kuyaba Resort on Negril Beach.

It took us a couple of days after we checked in to find out that Kuyaba means paradise. In terms of the numbers of hotels on Negril Beach, and the appointments that Kuyaba offers in comparison to those, naming this hotel Kuyaba may not be presumptuous. And ultimately our Kuyaba experience was wonderful. Here is the story.

Kuyaba resort on Negril Beach Jamaica - front gate

This is the main entrance looking from the Norman Manley Boulevard side. The resort property is long and narrow, with lodgings on the left as you walk down the path from the gate to Negril Beach about, oh, 150 yards (meters) from here to the water.

Kuyaba resort negril beach - walkway along the roomsInside the resort the walkway is bordered by small paths to the rooms on the left. The buildings are nicely laid out, and lodgings are available on the main floor and on the second floor. Ours was a ground floor room. At night, the walkway and many of the palm trees are festooned with strings of lighted LED bulbs which both helps navigation and lends are wonderful ambiance to the grounds.

Kuyaba resort on Negril Beach Jamaica - the room entrance

All rooms have French doors as entry ways, and all have a patio on which are found a chair or two and a hanging swing in which we spent many a leisurely moment.

The Kuyaba Resort rooms are spacious, for sure. We weren’t in all of them, but those we peeked into had large beds and impressive bathrooms with wall-less showers which were a joy to use, being a somewhat large lad as I am. Not all the rooms have a large a W.C.

Kuyaba resort water closet

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Kuyaba Resort on Negril Beach. It was nice having breakfast or other meals on the deck overlooking the sea. We write about the Kuyaba restaurant on another page on this site.

Stay at Kuyaba if you get the chance. But, in our opinion, avoid the rustic cabins.

Kuyaba’s Rustic Cabins

At either end of their property Kuyaba offers the visitor “old Negril” lodgings at a discounted rate, described by them as cosy and rustic. Hmmmph! Old is accurate, run down is right on; cosy and rustic, they are not, as far as we are concerned.

Unless you are inclined to hearing your next-door neighbor’s every inhalation and exhalation, and noting every one of their movements by the creaking of the floor boards in both their and your room, do not stay in a Kuyaba rustic cabin.

If you like a well lighted room, with bedside lamps and a comfortable headboard to lean against while you read in bed, do not opt to stay in the rustic cabins. Your head will ricochet between open studs and the outside plank siding of the room.

If you do not like sharing your room with an unusually high assortment of Jamaican insects, including red ants 12 mm (1/2″ long), since many of the floor boards are open to the
under-side of the cabin area of the extremely rustic room, do not stay in Kuyaba’s cabins. The rate for these rooms might be appealing, but the end result for sure, is not appealing at all, to us at least. I also think know, with due diligence, you can find rooms on Negril Beach in the same price range that these Kuyaba “rustic” cabins offer, that provide far more
value for the buck.

Interested in staying at the nice part of the Kuyaba Resort on Negril Beach? Contact them at  http://www.kuyaba.com  or talk to your travel agent.

Heading down to Negril Beach at Kuyaba Resort

Heading down the walkway to Negril Beach at Kuyaba Resort


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