Kuyaba Restaurant

Kuyaba Restaurant is part of the Kuyaba Hotel, which has been written about on the Negril Lodgings page on this website.

It seems that folks from North America eat at a hotel restaurant as a last resort. Put those considerations aside when thinking about dining at Kuyaba, on Negril Beach.

Also, in North America, we have come to expect either a no-smoking section, or no smoking at all, in every restaurant.

In Negril, it seems almost every restaurant is a smoking restaurant. The only one we have found, so far, on Negril Beach or area that even offers patrons a no-smoking choice is Kuyaba. Kudos to them for their foresightedness.

Kuyaba restaurant on Negril Beach Jamaica

Kuyaba Restaurant and hotel is located in the bottom third of, and on, Negril Beach, bracketed by Legends and Bourbon Beach. It really is quite special to enjoy a second cup of coffee, and the daily ritual of Negril Beach unfolds in front of you each morning. In the photo above, our regular table was the one on the right closest to the beach.

They open for breakfast at 07:00, offering a broad and delicious menu, and then serve meals all day until late at night.

Dinner time at Kuyaba reflects the popularity of this well positioned and well priced establishment. If you opt for pot luck, you may not get seated for supper on some days. Other days, you are welcomed right into the restaurant, though if you opt for non-smoking, you may be disappointed and have to sit in the smoking section. It seems that the no smoking section fills up faster than the smoking area.

They make an absolutely excellent callaloo breakfast omelet.

The coffee Kuyaba restaurant serves in the morning is usually fresh, hot, and is augmented by rough-cane sugar and milk/cream. Though I’ve not seen it written, it seems that one refill is included in the coffee price, and looking for a second refill will likely result in you being charged for an extra cup. At least, that’s what happened to us coffee hounds!

For those in the northern USA or Canada, listen to the CD music around 08:00 each day. The music didn’t change for our extended stay. It’s somewhat disconcerting to hear the distinctive sounds of loons coming over the speakers on a fine and sunny Jamaican morning. Maybe they will have changed the morning music mix for when you are there.

Dine at Kuyaba. You won’t be disappointed, if you can get in. Oh, and before I forget, their burgers are very, very good, but their cook doesn’t seem to know the difference between medium rare, and well done, which is how we wanted and asked, for ours. We ate them anyway… mmmm… delicious!




And when you visit, say hello to Buddy and Charlie just off the deck on the hotel side of the restaurant, if they are still there.

Buddy the parakeet bird at Kuyaba Resort

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