Leaving Home Sweet Home

We decided we were leaving Home Sweet Home resort for good. Here’s why.

This is page three of the story of Home Sweet Home Jamaica. If you follow this link you can  start at the beginning of our experiences at Home Sweet Home Jamaica.

Years ago, when I visited Bejing China I learned that often there were no “P” traps in the urinals. Essentially then, each urinal was an open line to the city’s sewers and allowed the continuous seepage of sewer gas into the washrooms and buildings that bathroom was in. During my visit to China, that sewer odor ruined many a restaurant visit.

Deja Vu at Home Sweet Home

At Home Sweet Home, sewer gas had invaded our room, with a vengeance. Whenever our toilet and showers were being used there was a significant sewer odor being generated. And aside from that terrible odor, there were health issues at stake for any visitor too.

This quotation is from a department of health bulletin about sewer gas at  http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/eh/air/fs/sewergas.htm:  “Hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Exposure to low levels of hydrogen sulfide causes irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. Other symptoms include nervousness, dizziness, nausea, headache, and drowsiness. This gas smells like rotten eggs, even at extremely low concentrations.  Exposure to high concentrations can interfere with the sense of smell, making this warning signal unreliable. At extremely high levels, hydrogen sulfide can cause immediate loss of consciousness and death.”

It turned out that Charlie had contracted to have a bunch of new toilets installed in some of his rooms, including ours. That was a good idea. The bad idea was them being installed improperly, so the wax ring could not seal the sewer pipe properly, if they actually even installed the wax sealing rings. That they hadn’t wouldn’t surprise me. Regardless of why, sewer gas was spilling out around each of  (I think all, but I’m not sure)  of the new toilets and poisoning the air in the rooms, whether they had a new toilet installed or not.

I set Charlie up!

Once I figured out what I thought was going on,  remember this is the middle of the night, I closed the window in the bathroom, closed the door, put towels across the floor in front of the bathroom door to seal in the odor, and waited for the morning.

Next morning I corralled Charlie and asked if I could show him something in our room.

I had him open the bathroom door and enter it first, and he recoiled as if smacked in the face with a 2 x 4. That was enough for him to sponsor another round of emergency repairs at all rooms at Home Sweet Home that had had new toilets installed.

We immediately moved rooms to try and get away from the odor. Yet, we found that the foul smell persisted throughout the Home Sweet Home building that lodged our room and others.  Repairs were under way, yet we could catch whiffs of sewer gas in many areas around all the rooms and that didn’t go away, despite the repairs.

The next morning, after another almost sleepless night of bad gas in our similarly  unsatisfactory new room, we checked out of Home Sweet Home resort. To his credit, Charlie refunded all unused portions of our rental fee.

Home Sweet Home could be magnficent

There is much beautiful about Home Sweet Home. The view of the ocean is magnificent, the rock cliffs inspiring, and jumping from the rocky ledges, these are are part of the Home Sweet Home topography, into the warm and caressing Caribbean water is exhilarating.

The top deck at Home Sweet Home Jamaica

On the top deck at Home Sweet Home Jamaica, overlooking the Caribbean

However, what is being promoted on line as an upscale, higher end (and high priced) resort, without the huge benefit of its location on the cliffs of Jamaica, Home Sweet Home would be revealed to be what it, in our opinion, really is,  a 1 or 2 star facility with lots of problems, that just happens to be on some pretty spectacular Jamaican cliffs real estate.

I invited Charlie Rossley, owner of Home Sweet Home, to post a response to this article via the contact page and to add any new  information as the Home Sweet Home situation changes. There has never been any response from Charlie.

His website, the same one that fooled us into thinking Home Sweet Home would be a wonderful vacation spot,  is still up… same text, same photos, years after our visit. It makes me wonder what Home Sweet Home is like today. However, it doesn’t make me wonder enough to ever go back to our Jamaican nightmare lodging of Home Sweet Home, Jamaica.

We were very fortunate that we had planned to spend only a portion of our Jamaican visit that year at this location. When we decided it was time to leave – much earlier than originally planned – our next lodgings were able to accommodate us – and we thankfully had another place to go to, which we did after putting up with the horrid conditions at Home Sweet Home.

If you are staying at a location in Jamaica, particularly if it is an extended stay, you clearly must be very careful out “putting all your travel eggs in one basket”.  Until we have actually visited and seen the premises where we are contemplating visiting – and almost equally important, what’s all around the premises we intend to stay, at we would limit our exposure to a new location to one week max.

That is, unless you know someone that has been there and done that, just like we did, at horrid Home Sweet Home Jamaica, and can give you the straight goods on what that location is really like.

I also invite anyone that has visited Home Sweet Home on Negrils cliffs, to send in their comments using the form below.


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