Margaritaville on Negril Beach

Yes, there is a Margaritaville on Negril Beach, though I still maintain that the only REAL Margaritaville is on Duval Street in Key West. But, that’s just my opinion. Although, other opinions are just wrong. 🙂

However, the Margaritaville on Negril Beach has one thing the Duval Street location doesn’t, and that’s a beach… and a fine one at that.

This restaurant is located in the top third of Negril Beach. If you are staying at a resort or inn nearer Negril Village, it’s a bit of a walk. Though, a bit of a walk on Negril Beach, basking in the Jamaican sunshine, feet being laved by the so-warm waters of the Caribbean is no bad thing, mon!

If you walk through the bar at Margaritaville on Negril Beach, out to the parking lot, and turn around, this is the sight you will see.

Margaritaville on Negril Beach Jamaica

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