More About Floyd’s Pelican Bar

This is page two of information about the extremely interesting and unusual Floyd’s Pelican Bar located just off the coast of South West Jamaica. If you want to see the information from the beginning, page one is right here.

As mentioned on the previous page, the Pelican boat comes to shore to pick you up. That’s if your trip has been pre-arranged. In our case, we took pot luck, and the cabbie called from the shore, and the Pelican boat was on it’s way to us.

The image below is the stairway showing where the Pelican Bar boat docks. The steps are leading up to the bar and we are looking down the stairs towards the sea. You do need to be careful when clambering from the boat to these stairs, for sure.

Stairway up to Floyd's Pelican Bar in Jamaica

In this next photo the Pelican boat has just arrived to pick up some folks that were staying elsewhere on Jamaica than we were, and were departing long before we were ready to leave.

Boat arriving at Pelican Bar Jaimaica

The inside of Floyd’s Pelican bar is festooned with memorabilia from all around the world, along with souvenirs – not taken by visitors – but left by them.

Inside Floyd's Pelican Bar in Jaimaica

British, Canadian and flags from other countries, all signed by visitors from those countries, hang all around the bar.

Flags flying inside Floyd's Pelican Bar Jamaica

When you visit Jamaica, visit Floyd’s Pelican Bar. Leave your mark, as so many others have done before you!

Historical record at Floyd's Pelican Bar in Jamaica


Signing in at Floyd's Pelican Bar Jamaica



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