Negril Beach Fruit Vendors

There are many Negril Beach fruit vendors. When I contemplated writing this page, it was to be about the Negril Beach Fruit Lady. As our visits to Negril Beach increase in number, it seems that there are so many new fruit vendors on the beach, that I can’t just write about the one that made the most impact on us.

Jamaica farmers grow some wonderful fruit; bananas, mangoes, coconuts, guava, sour sop… and so on, and they are all yours to enjoy from the Negril Beach fruit vendors.

You can purchase this fruit on a plate at your restaurant, at the food store when you go to stock up on provisions for your visit, or you can buy fresh fruit from the Negril Beach Fruit People, a photo of one of whom appears just below.

Fruit lady on Negril Beach

This marvellous lady walks up and down Negril Beach nearly every day, carrying a basket full of all kinds of fresh fruit on her head. That basket, when she starts her day, weighs about 20-30 lbs. I know, because I lifted it back onto her head after she stopped at our request to provide us with some fresh coconut.

The coconut had already had its husk removed. She took this jeezly big knife out of her basket, held the coconut in one hand, and bashed the back of the blade in a ring around the top of the coconut. In a few seconds she had the top off, and handed the bottom 3/4’s to us, and it was full of fresh coconut milk. While we drank that down she stripped the meat from the top, took the bottom part back from us, and in short order had the fresh coconut out of that too, with all of the coconut inserted into a new plastic bag, without touching any of the coconut fruit with her hands.

The artistry with which she readies her fresh fruit for your enjoyment is worth the price of admission. Amazing stuff!

And her singing. As you relax on the beach, you can hear her coming, singing her chant. She has a remarkable voice with delicious Jamaican lilts to it.

When you see her coming, ask her to stop at your lounger for a moment, won’t you. Let her rest, and serve up some delicious fresh Jamaican fruit for you to enjoy.

Other Negril Beach Fruit Vendors

Luscious Jamaica fruit

Many other fruit people offer fruit on the beach. This is a photo of the fruit offering of another of them.

There are many fruit vendors on the beach this year. When possible, we always try to buy from the Fruit Lady though. It’s nice to see her every year we visit Negril Beach Jamaica, and we hope to see her for many years to come.

Your comments about your experiences with Negril Beach fruit vendors are welcome, using the comment box below.


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