Negril Beach Lobster Man

I must confess, I was a bit taken aback when seeing a food vendor on Negril Beach walking along with a box full of Jamaican lobsters. It was the Negril Beach Lobster Man.

As alluded to many times on this website, Jamaica is hot, blazing hot some days, and I was more than a bit concerned about eating a shellfish that wasn’t either fresh out of a pot, or on ice, rather than one that had been carried along a hot Negril Beach for some hours.

I needn’t have worried.

The photo shows uncooked lobsters. In case you did not know, the Caribbean lobster has no front claws. Essentially, you are buying the tail.

When cooked, the Jamaican lobster tail turns to the bright orange us lobster aficionados are familiar with.

Negril Beach Lobster Man -

Three folks beside us on the beach opted for a Negril lobster snack while we were still a bit hesitant.

Man, what a show.

Brandishing quite the skill with a blade, it seemed just a few seconds until the the young man had all three tails split in half, on individual plates,
with napkins provided, and a squeeze of fresh Negril lemon for each, if the client wished it.

Negril Beach Lobster Man

Lobster man on Negril Beach Jamaica -

He assured them that his lobsters were cooked fresh that morning, and offered each customer a taste of their lobster before they bought, to prove his point.

After they finished dining, we quizzed one of the Negril lobster eaters. “The lobster was delicious, albeit, a bit tough from overcooking.” But then, she went on to say, “lobsters in the restaurants in Negril seem to be well cooked too. That seems to be the norm”.

Sales by the Lobster Man seemed brisk as we see him, and others, walking the beach with a cardboard tray full of cooked lobster, and not long after, see them heading back to their base to pick up more.

Lobster on Negril Beach. Who’d have thought? Maybe a snack for you when you are down? Enjoy.

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