Negril Beach Patties

Here is information about our second favourite Jamaican treat – Negril Beach patties from The Pattie Man!

You’ve been lounging on Negril Beach for a few hours, after a late breakfast. It’s now mid-afternoon, and though you know that in a few hours you’ll be having a big meal at one of Negril’s excellent sit-down restaurants, you are hungry now!

Time for a pattie snack. And just then, along comes, the Pattie Man.


Negril Beach pattie man


In the steel basket on the front of his seatless bicycle, the Pattie Man has small Jamaican patties, individually wrapped, and usually quite hot.

This beach vendor pushes his pattie-bicycle up and down the beach every day, selling his Negril Beach patties.

The patties he sells are a mass-produced product, made at a factory somewhere in Jamaica, and they are smaller than those at Niah’s (a Jamaican pattie vendor a ways up the beach) , as well as being quite a bit less expensive.

How about $100 Jamaican for each pattie? That’s about $1.25 US.

And they are good. Not as good as Niah’s home-made patties, but then, they are one-quarter the price, too.

He offers beef, chicken and vegetable patties for sure, and may offer other varieties on some days, including the ubiquitous, callaloo.

We have been enjoying the Pattie Man’s fare during all of our visits to Negril.

Long may he ride… er, push, his pattie bicycle up and down Negril Beach.


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