Ricks Cafe on Negril cliffs

It seems that all the world has heard of Ricks Cafe on Negril cliffs. Well we hadn’t. But after visiting Negril a number of times, we now know Rick’s Cafe well.

Rick’s Cafe fills a niche, particularly if you are staying in Negril for an extended period.

Even with all the beauty, the sun-drenched beach, the hustle on the beach, folks from North America may want to feel that they are back in a North American environment from time to time, even for just a little while. Ricks Cafe on Negril Cliffs fills that bill.

The photo below shows the sign for Ricks Cafe on Negril Cliffs, quite a ways along One Love Boulevard from downtown Negril Village.

Ricks Cafe on Negril Cliffs Jamaica

 We stayed quite a ways from Rick’s Cafe last time in Negril. Not knowing quite where it was, and also very happy to walk in sunshine and warmth again, off we went down Negril Beach to the Village of Negril, up through town, and up along One Love Boulevard… and up along… and up along … it really isn’t all that far, and yes, it was hot too. Walking on the boulevard that wasn’t built for walkers and watching out for the always speeding cars and trucks, did kind of tire us out. A bottle of sprite wasn’t going to do it. This woman needed booze. And so, I complied.

How about a couple of their custom Shark Bites and a couple of shrimp cocktails? Oh my, these were good, as was the ice cold water, really necessary after our hot walk along the beach and through Negril Village to Rick’s.

A couple of shark bite and shrimp cocktails

The thing about Rick’s Cafe is that it is totally Western. If it weren’t for the incredible blue of the Caribbean that you are looking at, and the fact that it was 85 degrees F in February, it would be understandable if you felt that you were in a higher class road house located in, say, Kansas. And after an extended stay in Negril, it feels good to taste a bit of what feels like home.

But it ain’t Kansas. It’s Jamaica. And Rick’s Cafe has cliff jumpers which you really must see.

Cliff jumpers at Rick's Cafe on Negril cliffs

It may not look it, but the wooden structures on the far side, on the rocks, are places that the cliff jumpers leap from. They don’t dive (smart people.. them) but do handstands, wait for a wave to arrive filling the gorge, and plummet in.

The show goes on for quite a while. Then you notice the high platform. (Top white circle) In the photo, its the small stage way up the trunk over the small tented area below. If the big Kahuna collects enough in tips to make it worth his while (he walks around collecting) then he’ll climb way up, and do a jump from up there. Exciting, yes.

And, note the two railings on the left facing the gorge, under the high jump?  (Bottom white circle) That’s where tourists that have had too many Snake Bites jump off too. Fortunately, I limited my intake, and stayed dry. (You can read this as chicken!)

Ricks Cafe on Negril cliffs offers the visitor reasonable to good food, a barrage of drinks of all kinds, a lovely environment in which to while a way a Jamaica afternoon, some free entertainment, and in the evening a band so that you can dance under the Jamaican stars.

You haven’t been to Negril until you’ve sampled food and drink at Rick’s. Do go, at least once. Here is their website if you want more info: http://www.rickscafejamaica.com/

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