Our Room at Home Sweet Home

And our room at Home Sweet Home Jamaica? Read on.

Folks, this is page two of the record of our stay at Home Sweet Home resort on the Jamaican cliffs near Negril Jamaica. Page one, if you want to start at the beginning, is here.

(I am sorry folks, we were so taken aback when we arrived at our room that we didn’t even think of taking photos of the horrid conditions.)

The key fit the door of our room at Home Sweet Home resprt. but the door didn’t fit the frame. A wide gap was all around the door, even at ground level which meant that there was no impediment at all to creeping insects scurrying around on the ground and into our room at Home Sweet Home.

The door itself  (French door style with panes of glass) had paint splashed up onto the door lock hardware, and each of the mullioned panes of glass was  either paint splashed or painted onto. The glass was filthy.

The door didn’t close easily, and the hardware on the inside was rust corroded and ugly.

Ugly thick green curtains hung from wires stretched across the windows on the door. They could not be opened fully, and in attempting to do so, dust blossomed from them. They trailed several inches across the floor, and while trying to close the door the curtains became  trapped under it. You couldn’t close the door properly.

There was no clothes closet, nor an armoir. There was one, single rod, clothes rack, with a few corroded hangers, and beneath that, a wood, cracked and broken, bench.

Beneath the bench was a badly rusted safe, almost inaccessible,  being tucked in under the bench. I said that I didn’t want to put anything into that safe until I had a good look inside it. It turns out I couldn’t actually do that as I couldn’t get close enough to the floor to get at it, and there was no light down there to see into the safe, though we could see the rust coating the face.

Were there no bugs in our room at Home Sweet Home?

With only one exception, all of the louvered windows in the room did not have screens. When I questioned this, Charley said they didn’t get bugs there. Sure they don’t.

We were harassed by insects every night we were in the room. The first morning my arm, I guess the one left out from under the sheet, was peppered with bug bites.

The air conditioner was a window model, looked to be about 15 years old, was badly corroded and unclean, and you either plugged it in to turn it on, or unplugged it to turn it off. The controls on the face of the unit did not work. Nor did the air conditioner, actually.

We entered the bathroom. Mmmmmm! Not good.

The sink looked like a hold-over from the sixties, with paint from the walls splattered onto the caulking and into the bowl, the sink faucets were badly  corroded and ancient, and the water stream from the faucet, if it could be called that, was hesitant and timid, with small water jets streaming out one side or the other, and with  not much getting into the sink bowl at all.

Yes, a new toilet!

The toilet was new. The toilet paper hung on a plastic, penis-like protrusion on the wall to one side of the toilet. It was very difficult to access and the roll kept pulling off the holder to either land in the only garbage can in the room, or to unroll across the floor as you were stranded on the throne.

The shower curtain was reasonably new plastic, but the shower rod was an old, galvanized pipe that hadn’t seen paint in quite some time.

The bathroom was dingy, unclean, and smelly.

When we moved back to the bedroom we commented on the fact that the fabric lamp shades were filthy, dust covered, and paint splashed.

Charlie rallied his troops. He had them clean the windows in the door, replace the lamp shades, paint the shower curtain rod, measure the opening-windows for screens, fix the windows that were supposed to open, but did not. In short, all of the things that should have been done before any guest arrived were done fairly quickly after we arrived, except replacing the chipped furniture that had no handles on either the drawers or doors.

We actually thought that things were going to be OK, that is until later that night, when things got even worse.

Here is what drove us from our room, and from the Home Sweet Home resort… for good!



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