Some Jamaican Tales

It is difficult to visit Jamaica, and in our experience the beautiful Negril Beach part of Jamaica, without developing some Jamaican tales relating to some interesting Jamaican experiences.

Some of them are stress inducing, others are funny – whether at the time, or in retrospect.

We thought you might like to read about some Jamaican tales too, as a sort of narrative introduction to what you will experience when you visit Negril Beach Jamaica.

We’ll keep adding links to our Jamaican stores on this page as we get around to writing them.

The following photo is about what you could be doing on Negril Beach when you visit, living your own Jamaican tales when you are there.


Chillin' on Negril Beach Jamaica


Some  of our Jamaican Tales link to pages already listed under other tabs on this site. Others are just that, links to tales written specifically to give you an interesting perspective on Negril Beach Jamaica through the lens of our eyes.

Here you go.  We hope you enjoy.





Got some Jamaican tales of your own? If so, add them as a comment below. Thanks.

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