Walking on Negril Beach Jamaica

In our humble opinion, as beaches go, Negril Beach Jamaica is one of the best in the world.

And the best way to enjoy it is walking on Negril Beach Jamaica. Walk it. End to end. That’s what we’ve done many times. And every time we’ve walked Negril Beach, we’ve seen something new, enjoyed another pub, explored another hotel, motel or private rental accommodation.

From the South end of the beach near the craft village and the Negril Village to the North end, where the beach narrows and all that’s left is a footpath leading to the all-inclusive hotels (who claim to be on Negril Beach but really are not) the sand and the water’s edge beckons.

Most days the Jamaican sun is brilliant white and hot. Wander off the beach into the Caribbean as you stroll. Get deep enough so the cool waters lave your feet, your ankles, up the calves, and as high as… well, whatever you’re comfortable with.

Walking on Negril Beach - the cool waters of the Caribbean beckon

Walking on Negril Beach – the cool waters of the Caribbean beckon

You’ll see some odd sights on Negril Beach from time to time, too.

Walking on Negril Beach you can see some odd sights

Dozens of curio shops, bath towel outlets, chaise lounge chair rentals, straw hats… many interesting things can be enjoyed as you meander along.

Walking on Negril Beach - You never know what you're going to seeWalking on Negril Beach Jamaica at night

Since, in the winter time, night falls in Jamaica quite early in the evening, you will find yourself enjoying Negril Beach at night. We’re not stay-out-all-night folks, but we sure have wandered Negril Beach nearing upon midnight many times, and even lapped over into the early a.m. a couple of times.

Never did we ever feel the least bit uncomfortable as we walked, arm-in-arm, along Negril Beach at night. As dusk arrives and night starts to fall, there are some spectacular views along the beach.

Sunset on Negril Beach Jamaica

Negril Beach comes even more alive in the evening, as folks enjoy heading for their favourite beach front pub or restaurant, or perhaps want to enjoy a horse ride along the gorgeous Negril Beach sand.

Horeseback riding along Negril Beach Jamaica

C’mon down. Walking on Negril Beach Jamaica is good for your health and good for the soul, Mon!

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