What to wear on Negril Beach

What to wear on Negril Beach. Now, that’s a question. It’s not necessarily about what makes you pretty – and that’s a pretty tall order for me –  it’s about what stops you from frying in the sometimes blazing Jamaican sun!

Regardless of what you wear (or don’t wear – more on this later on the page) the Jamaican sun is strong. Very strong! With 30 spf sunscreen lathered all over my exposed skin, I still managed to burn in 15-20 minutes early on in our visit.

I learned that it’s useful to have a very light, white or light coloured, long sleeved shirt to throw on when I’d had enough sun.  The ladies seemed to often have a light “sarongish” covering; cool, yet able to block some of the sun’s rays and easily packed away in a purse or pack for donning when they’d had enough of the bright, Jamaican sun.

Is there ever enough sun though? No, never enough as far as I am concerned. You just need some additional protection to screen the sun when the skin starts sizzling. You can’t be outside on Negril Beach in Jamaica, and not be exposed to lots of sun, for sure.

So squash a light cover up into your fanny pack or back pack so it’s available when needed; and it will be.

A sun hat ideal for Negril Beach Jamaica

The photo above shows one of the typical days we experienced on Negril Beach in early February. The temperature was in the mid-to-high 80’s F (what’s that, 28 C?). There wasn’t a breath of trade winds, and the sun was so bright as it reflected from the incredible beach sand that it hurt the unprotected eyes. It was necessary to have head cover, and lots of cool drinks to ward of heat stroke.  I have learned that I am very good at having lots of cool drinks!

It’s Your Head, Friend

Don’t forget head wear in considering what to wear on Negril Beach.

In my many-country travels I normally wear a baseball cap. It’s amazing how well they work to keep the sun out of your eyes when you wear them with the bill facing frontwards. 🙂

However, there were a few times I could have fried eggs on the top of my ears, even through what seemed an inch think layer of sunscreen. A baseball cap just doesn’t protect your ears at all in the Jamaican sun.

A couple of years ago I bought this really neat, cheap, white cowboy hat at a flea market in the Florida Keys. I like it a lot. It’s just that my wife and friends don’t want to be seen with me when I wear it.

So, I think one of those floppy, world famous, explorer type hats might in be my future for my next sojourn from the frozen north to the sunny tropics. Or, I might pick up a straw hat – in a host of different shapes and sizes – from one of the vendors on or near Negril Beach.

Ladies always seem to know what type of hat to wear in Jamaica. I’m one with the guys with the grilled ear-tops, so far. Got to change that!

Ultimately, that’s what I did. I got a great hat (see photo above) that protected the tops of my tender ears, got a great deal, and helped support a local Jamaican artisan.

Other folks wear different types of head gear. Oh well, whatever works for you.

Other head gear on Jamaica's Negril Beach

Nekkid As A Jay Bird

When it comes to Negril Beach attire, another issue really isn’t what is suitable to wear, the issue is, are you comfortable with no attire at all? Whether it’s you baring your all to the beach-world, or seeing others sans clothing? That sometimes – but not too often – happens.

Every now and again you’ll wander across a man or woman who feel comfortable being fully unclothed on the beach. Not many while we were there, but some. They seem to be more prevalent towards the north end of Negril Beach. Maybe something to do with all inclusive resorts providing guests an open bar?

The question I pose is, why is it that it’s the, shall we say, less than perfect human specimens that bare all to the world? Some might take offense. In fact, some folks did.

As a result, I was briefly embarrassed when I was asked to put my clothes back on! But hey, with Ganja wafting freely around the beach, and Red Stripe in plentiful and frosty supply, I didn’t take offence. Just pulled on my trunks and moved on up beautiful Negril Beach.

Many Topless

While Negril Beach has it’s share of middle aged, large gutted males striding the beach as if it were their own fiefdom (me for example), some with a Speedo playing peek-a-boo as the rolls of fat undulate in time to their footsteps (nope, not me, fer sure – at least the Speedo part), there are still many body-gorgeous people to be seen on Negril Beach too, and topless is common for men and women, and enjoyable for both, I hope.

Almost Anything Goes

The message is, wear what you want, or as little as you want, but beware the sun on Negril Beach. It can be pitiless!

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